The journey begins with a wonderful aromatic bath followed by a nourishing exfoliating Body Scrub, Fully Body Massage, Green Clay &  Honey Body Mask, topped off with an application of the our luxury Body Milk an absolute fragrant treat.


The nourishing exfoliating body scrub will be applied to the body and removed with warm towels before receiving the wonderful body massage which includes the legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, shoulder and scalp.

Body Milk will be gently applied to leave the body feeling aromatically nurtured and gently revived.


This wonderfully flowing and relaxing full body massage includes the legs, feet, abdomen, arms, hands, face and scalp for a complete top to toe treatment. Followed by a lovely aromatherapy facial using an organic skincare range to suit your skin type.
A full consultation will be carried out prior to the treatment so that your therapist can assess your needs and help you to choose the right blend for you.


A beautifully aromatic sensory facial that will leave your skin feeling soothed and nourished and you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

This treatment includes a facial cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage, mask, moisturise and scalp massage.


A stimulating massage that relieves tension, head pain and helps to reduce stress and anxiety promoting clarity, peace and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.
This massage includes the upper back, shoulders, side of neck, arms, scalp and face.


Whichever you choose this lovely treatment will release any tension in the hands and lower arms and leave your skin feeling amazing.

Refresh and Revive focuses on awakening the senses and lifting the spirits whereas the balance and soothe is more floral and uses essential oils that ease symptoms of a woman’s hormonal journey.


The feet are soaked in a warm aromatic bath followed by a foot scrub to refresh and exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling uplifted and nourished. The feet will then be massaged with an organic fragrant balm to relax and soothe the body systems with some foot reflex techniques.

A luxury cream will be applied to the feet and lower legs to leave your skin feeling completely soft, smooth and aromatically indulged.


This wonderful and gently aromatic treatment which aims to soothe and relax mummy to be and baby.
Your therapist will complete a wellness consultation prior to the treatment.

The treatment includes the back, legs, feet, arms, hands, face, scalp and beautiful baby bump which will be gently massaged. A facial using our Neroli Orange Blossom organic skincare range is included. This wonderful treatment benefits mummy and baby.


A totally natural aromatic detoxifying and skin toning treatment which aims to improve the appearance of cellulite and boost the lymphatic system to eliminate toxin build up in the legs, thighs and, buttock areas.

A cleansing lotion is applied to the liver area, followed by dry body brushing to the legs and buttocks followed by our Detox sea salt body scrub which will nourish and polish the skin. A deep leg, thigh, buttock and ankle massage will be included with clay and honey masque and wrap. The foot reflex points will be carried out to encourage further detoxification.


This deep yet relaxing treatment aims to ease back and neck tension by using essential oils that help to calm muscular tension and pain. A perfect treatment for the sports enthusiasts as a preventative and maintenance plan and anyone suffering from backache or stress.

The massage will be carried out using our lovely Warming Massage Balm. You will experience the gentle heat as the essential oils work together in synergy through your therapists hands to break down tension and relax the muscles. A natural Aloe Vera Cooling Muscle Gel is applied to areas of inflammation at the end of the massage to promote recovery and repair to areas of injury.


Pure bliss as the warm and natural volcanic Basalt stones glide over your body in smooth, flowing movements.

This is a totally relaxing and detoxifying sensory experience combined with aromatherapy massage oils to suit your own special needs.

The treatment is concluded with a facial massage using cool stones so ease tension and calm the mind.The massage includes the legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, face and scalp.