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Discover our story and join us on our mission to share the benefits of organic, holistic skincare and aromatherapy practices


For over 15 years, we have been sourcing the finest natural and organic herbs, botanicals and essential oils to handcraft beautiful skincare and aromatherapy products that care for your mind, body and wellbeing.

We create unique collections that harness the power of ingredients in the natural world around us to improve the lives of our customers. From protecting their skin to helping them naturally relieve common ailments, we want more people to feel the benefits of the earth’s finest ingredients. 

As a team of qualified aromatherapists with years of industry experience, we share our specialist knowledge not only through our products but by teaching the next generation of aromatherapists who can continue to provide holistic therapies to people around the world.


We are passionate and professional aromatherapists with a wealth of knowledge of understanding through research, teaching and practical application.

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to buy your first organic oil or skincare product, or you are familiar with essential oils and want a trusted, credible brand to buy from, then we can help.

Our Mission

To create natural, organic and holistic aromatherapy and beauty products that make your mind, body and soul feel cherished and cared for, whilst loving our planet and people.

For us, organic means working with nature; not against it.

This is why we are proud to hold a Soil Association Certification, be an Ecologi partner and support ethical farming projects around the world.

Our Promise

Looking and feeling good shouldn’t come with a compromise for you or our planet. 

You can trust that our products are free from harmful chemicals or ingredients that shouldn’t belong on your body. They will also never come into contact with an animal's body.

  • NO parabens and phthalates 
  • NO synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances
  • NO nano particles 
  • NO GM
  • NO animal testing.

Partners & accreditations

The Aromatherapy Company
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Restoring our planet with ecologi

We love and care for our planet and we want everyone else to too. Our partnership with Ecologi means that every time someone buys one of our products, together we help fund climate action for protecting our planet. Whether it's tree planting, renewable energy generation, forest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water we're proud to support these amazing projects.

Supporting fair & sustainable farming

Not only do we source the finest ingredients, we ensure they are always from fair, ethical sources. We're proud to support a variety of FairTrade registered or ethical farming and production projects across the globe, so our products are helping our customers and communities in need

Spreading the word of organic beauty & skincare

Our Soil Association Certification means continue to be dedicated to supporting the cause of educating others on the importance and benefits behind natural beauty and holistic skincare.


Organic Frankincense project

Thousands of tons of Frankincense are traded every year to be used in religious ceremonies, natural medicines and essential oils. Most comes from Somalia where peoples depend on Frankincense resin for income


Organic Myrrh Project

Supported by the WWF and The Goverment, The Himba Tribe depend entirely on the income from the collection of Myrrh.

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South Africa

Organic Essential Oils

Sustainable farming projects supporting the production of various essential oils such as Rose Geranium, Sweet Basil, Lemongrass, Rosemary and more.


Organic Cardamom oil project

A small enterprise working with indigenous tribes producing cardamom oil, vanilla, cinnamon, geranium and other essential oils and spices


Organic Cocoa Butter project

Supporting a FairTrade registered project providing employment and decent wage and living conditions. Over 40,000 households depend directly and over 350,000 depend directly on cocoa production


Organic Essential Oils

This FairTrade registered project produces cinnamon, clove bud, eucalyptus, ylang ylang and more to help improve the livelihood of the local Malagasy community


Organic Rose Otto Project

Unrivalled across the world, the rose oil produced in Bulgaria is of a superior quality and provides great opportunity for the local community