Guardian Angel Protect Collection


This year marks the ten year anniversary of The Aromatherapy Company and we have decided, as a celebration, to launch a new product collection.

I thought long and hard over this. I realised that we already have one product that has a name that means everything to me as I look at the world at this moment in time.

The world has been going through lots of changes and I feel that there is a sense of panic and worry which is affecting us on a global scale. All I keep coming back to is that I want to help the world, the people in it and provide my little part in helping with the products we create and I hope I can do just that.

The Collection is an expansion of my Guardian Angel Line. This is the embodiment of everything essential oils have been for me throughout my life; supporting me through many of life’s ups and downs. I strongly believe that the plants that they are from were put on our earth to be used as our Guardian Angels.

I have named the Collection ‘Protect’ as I want them simply to do just that.
At the moment I see many people around the world who are feeling frightened and one of the most current worries I am hearing is the threat of viruses and being able to travel, so I instinctively felt that these three products would help to provide protection and strength to the body and mind.

The three products we are launching include: an essential oil synergy which is ideal for inhalation and vaporization. A completely natural , organic hand sanitiser spray and an organic certified hand wash.

When selecting the essential oils for this collection, I focused on protection and I wanted a blend that would offer airborne anti- microbial, anti-bacterial, anti –inflammatory and analgesic properties. Another consideration was that I wanted a blend that would help to strengthen the immune system, to tackle respiratory illnesses and viral conditions concerning the airways.

“Protect” is extremely supportive on a physical level , I have also selected the oils for their emotional impact and they are fortifying , encourage mental clarity and they helpto increase vitality, especially through challenging times.

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