Rodondendron sauvage

Ease your ache and pains whilst helping to build your body’s natural defenses with our sweet Rhododendron oil. Besides protecting the body, this uplifting oil is also great for calming and grounding the mind.

  • Soothes aches & pains
  • Calming & Grounding
  • Sweet, floral aroma
  • Blends well with Geranium, Palmarosa & Rose.



Discover our Rhododendron essential oil

Steam distilled from the delicate flower, our organic Rhododendron essential oil is nurturing and soothing for both the mind and body.

With its beautiful fresh and floral aroma, this relaxing oil will help to ground the mind and encourage a sense of calm. These properties make it an ideal oil to use during meditation, therapeutic massage or times of relaxation. From a few small drops, you can help the mind to unwind and lift a low mood.

As a naturally soothing and nurturing essential oil, Rhododendron will also ease muscle pains when blended and gently rubbed into the skin. When used on a regular basis, it can also help to protect the body’s natural defences; keep you feeling fit and healthy.


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