Citrus aurantium var. amara

Nourish your skin and relax your mind with our uplifting Neroli essential oil. As one of the best oils to use on the skin, it is ideal for combating wrinkles, promoting skin renewal and hydrating dry skin. Emotionally, Neroli will lift a low mood and combat sadness or tension.



Discover our Neroli essential oil

Steam distilled from the delicate blossoms of the bitter orange tree, our organic Neroli oil is one of our most-loved essential oils.

Naturally, neroli is one of the best essential oils for looking after your skin. As a stimulating oil, it promotes skin renewal and rejuvenation, whilst also combatting wrinkles and fine lines. Neroli also has natural properties that hydrates and soothes the skin, leaving the skin both looking and feeling youthful and replenished. Combining these wonderful properties with its beautiful floral aroma, Neroli is undoubtedly one of the best essential oils for mature skin.

Emotionally, this uplifting oil is the perfect remedy for lifting a low mood and encouraging positive emotions. Whether you’re not quite feeling yourself or fighting through a tense time, Neroli is the perfect oil for helping you to get back to your typical self.

If you love Neroli as much as we do, why not try our Nourishing Neroli Collection?


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