Marjoram Sweet

Origanum majorana

Relax and unwind with our gentle Marjoram Sweet essential oil. With a beautiful herby aroma, this calming oil is will help to soothe aches and pains, relieve cramps and easing an anxious or stressed mind.



Discover our Marjoram Sweet essential oil

Steam distilled from the dried flowers of the plant, Marjoram essential oil is a highly versatile oil that offers an array of benefits for the mind and body.

As a naturally warming oil, this sweet-smelling essential oil is loved by many for it’s relaxing and calming properties. Known for working wonders on the nervous system, working with this oil will help to ease the stresses and strains of everyday life. In times of panic or stress, a few drops of Marjoram oil will help to relieve tension and release negative energies.

Helping to reduce tension in the body, this beautiful oil can be blended and gentled rubbed into areas of pain and discomfort. Whether you use it regularly or on occasion, this oil will feel your muscles feel relaxed and renewed.

With such calming qualities, it is the perfect oil for using at home, during a massage or whilst meditating.


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