Organic Lavender Essential Oil – 10ml

Lavandula angustifolia

Relax and unwind with our beautiful organic Lavender oil. Naturally balancing, this refreshing oil is ideal for treating skin problems, soothing aches or pains and combating sleep problems. With the ability to nurture and care for the mind, body and wellbeing, it’s one of our most-loved essential oils.



Discover our Lavender essential oil

Steam distilled from the flowering tops of the beautiful French Lavender plant, this naturally cleansing oil is one of our best selling essential oils.

Naturally soothing, this aromatic oil is extremely calming for your mind and body. Whether used within skincare or diffused into the air, it is one of the best oils for promoting relaxation and reducing tension. With such wonderful properties, it is often used during mediation, aromatherapy massages or within the home.

With a fresh, floral aroma, Lavender oil is also a beautiful oil to include in skincare products. Besides releasing a lovely floral aroma, the oil is naturally balancing and provides an array of benefits for the skin. When blended and gentled rubbed into the skin, Lavender oil can be a natural remedy for calming skin problems and rejuvenating the skin. When applied to wounds, this gentle oil will help to cleanse the wound and calm any pains or itching you may experience.

With so many wonderful properties, we love to work with Lavender. If you do too, then why not try some of our best-selling products that are infused with this relaxing oil? Take a look at our Calming Chamomile Collection, Baby Soothing Balm and Baby Soothing Cream.


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