Juniper Berry

Juniperus communis

Our beautiful juniper berry essential oil has a natural calming and cleansing effect on both the mind and body. Ideal for a natural detox, it helps to boost circulation and purify oily or blemished skin. Emotionally, juniper berry will also cleanse and strengthen the mind.



Discover our Juniper Berry essential oil

Steam distilled from the beautiful berries of the evergreen tree, our organic juniper berry oil is an ideal choice for cleansing the mind and body.

With natural antiseptic properties, this essential oil can help to combat acne when blended and applied to the skin. It’s astringent qualities also help to cleanse and tone the skin. Whilst this oil is best suited to oily skin types, it can be used to refresh and purify the surface of all skin types.

When used within a diffuser or a mist spray, the sweet, fresh aroma will bring a sense of calm to the surrounding environment. Allowing the oil to disperse into the open air will also kill airborne germs and purify the air. For this reason, juniper berry oil is often used during mediation or massage sessions.

Emotionally, this cleansing oil brings a sense of clarity and clears the mind of unwanted worries. With a few small drops, you are able to strengthen the mind and find the energy to approach new challenges.


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