Boswellia carteri

A warm and penetrative essential oil, frankincense is one of the best oils for calming emotions and is often used in meditation. As one of the most luxurious essential oils, it is also wonderful for aiding skin rejuvenation and leaving your skin feeling soft and truly cared for.

  • Promote skin regeneration
  • Calming on the mind
  • Warm, balsamic aroma
  • Blends well with Neroli, Rose & Lavender



Discover our Frankincense essential oil

Deeply relaxing and therapeutic, this luxurious essential oil is a gift for both the mind and body.

With a sweet, balsamic aroma, it gently warms the body and relaxes the mind. As one of the most calming oils, it helps to soothe high emotions and offers support through life’s ups and downs. With the ability to courage more controlled breathing and it is perfect for creating a pure state of relaxation. Whether inhaled, diffused or blended for a therapeutic massage, it is the perfect oil to use during meditation and mindless practices. As one of the best oils for the mind, frankincense is the perfect choice for improving your wellbeing.

Offering blessings for the body, frankincense oil is excellent for skin care. Whether used in face moisturisers, body creams or serums, this beautiful oil helps with skin regeneration and truly looks after the skin.


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