Cedrus atlantica

Bring a sense of calm and focus to the mind with this relaxing and soothing essential oil. Distilled from the wood of the cedarwood tree, it’s beautiful woody aroma helps to balance the mind and reduce emotional worries. It’s also great for combating respiratory problems and purifying the skin.



Discover our Cedarwood essential oil

Steam distilled from the wood of the beautiful cedar tree, this relaxing and woody oil brings a sense of grounding and focus. With a fresh and earthy aroma, it enables you to feel connected to the earth and clears the mind of unwanted worries and overpowering thoughts.

Physically, the antiseptic properties make Cedarwood oil ideal for both skin and hair care. Highly purifying and naturally balancing this oil helps to tone the skin and cleanse everyday impurities. What’s more, this beautiful oil provides a natural remedy for easing respiratory problems and helping the body to breathe naturally.


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