Introducing our new partnership – Ecologi

Posted by Louise Carta on

As part of our mission to support a more sustainable future, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Ecologi. 

The world is a precious place and every year its existence continues to be threatened by major factors such as deforestation, plastic pollution and now the biggest threat to our generation, climate change. This is why we want to do what we can to make a difference. 

Ecologi is a leading environmental organisation that facilitates the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world. Their mission is to reduce 50% of global C02 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year.

Whilst climate change can’t be changed by one person, one person can contribute to a bigger picture and encourage others to realise that we have the power to prevent any further damage to the planet. 

From today, you can join us in playing a part in a happier, healthier future. For every order placed, we will work with Ecologi to plant trees in Madagascar, Mozambique or Nicaragua. 

The money we donate from our sales will also support carbon reduction projects across the world. These climate projects include renewable energy generation, forest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.


Not only do these tree planting projects help to reduce C02 emissions, they also support communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers. 

So far, Ecologi and their partners have planted over 13 million trees – funding 1 tree every 2 seconds. While there is still a long way to go to reverse climate change, together we can continue to restore the planet and we’re hopeful you will join us on this journey. 

One tree at a time, we can play our part in preserving the world and build a more sustainable future for generations to come. 


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