Ideal for creating a protective and balancing barrier, our beautiful sunflower carrier oil is packed full of great nutrients. Filled with natural fatty acids, antioxidants and phytosterols, this versatile oil is the perfect oil for cleansing, calming and nourishing the skin.

  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Cleansing & nourishing
  • Filled with good nutrients
  • Emulsifying



Discover Our Sunflower Oil

Helianthus annuus

Botanical family – Asteraceae
Part of plant – seed

This pale yellow oil is high in linoleic acid (Omega 6) is compatible with the sebum of the skin, providing a protective and balancing barrier. Whilst oleic acid which aids penetration and absorption of the oil into the skin. Good for sensitive skin types and also a very cost effective carrier that is packed full of great nutrients.

  • Fatty acids – Linoleic, Oleic, Palmitic, Stearic
  • Phytosterols
  • Antioxidant – Vitamin E
  • Carotenoids
  • Moisturising
  • Nourishing
  • Calming
  • Emulsifying – due to lecithin content
  • Cleansing


  • Dry/irritated/inflamed skin
  • Great as a base oil to use alone or as the main base for adding specialised carrier oils
  • An affordable massage oil with great benefits


Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil*.

(*)Organic content.


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