Sophie Aroma Diffuser

Create the perfect harmony between a delicate case of mist, scent, light and colour with our Sophie Aroma Diffuser. This versatile diffuser allows you to select from an array of colour settings and a no-light mode so you can enjoy the beautiful aromas during the day and night.



Discover Our Sophie Diffuser

The Sophie Aroma Diffuser is made using only the finest high quality materials resulting in a truly stunning and elegant creation which enlivens your home with fragrance, colour and light. Sophie emits a soft colour changing light which dances effortlessly around your space and works in perfect harmony with the delicate cascade of mist and scent, transporting you to a truly magical world.

As well as allowing you to enjoy a vivid colour changing light show using low energy LED bulbs, the Sophie Aroma Diffuser also lets you select the light colour of your choice and offers a no light mode, perfect for use at night time.


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