Rosmarinus officinalis

Highly stimulating, Rosemary is one of the best essential oils for providing mental clarity and focus the mind. When used in a therapeutic massage it is also good for boosting your circulation and relieving muscle tension.

  • Boosts circulation
  • Clarifying & energising
  • Sharp, herbaceous aroma
  • Blends well with Lavender, Lemon & Ravensara



Discover our Rosemary essential oil

Steam distilled from the beautiful garden herb, our organic Rosemary oil is one of the best essentials for stimulating the mind and body.

With its strong, invigorating aroma, this highly stimulating oil is one of the best for boosting circulation and is often used during a therapeutic massage. When blended and rubbed into the skin, it works wonders on the achy muscles, helping to alleviate pain and tension. You may also see Rosemary oil in hair shampoo as it promotes good health and can help to strengthen, weak brittle hair.

This beautiful oil can also be used to help naturally open airways and provide respiratory support.

As one of the most stimulating essential oils, Rosemary is often used by those looking to focus the mind. Whether its exams or a project at work, it is one of the best to support the memory and intense concentration.

Please note – Rosemary oil should not be used during pregnancy.


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