Pinus sylvestris

With its wonderful fresh aroma, our organic Pine essential oil is the perfect remedy for stimulating the mind and protecting the body during winter. Besides soothing muscle tension, it can neutralise the air and naturally aid your breathing.



Discover our Pine essential oil

Steam distilled from the delicate needles of the tree, our beautiful Pine essential oil is naturally purifying for the mind and body.

With a strong fresh and balsamic aroma, this cleansing oil is mainly used within the winter months to support and protect the body. Its disinfectant and airborne antimicrobial properties mean Pine oil is the perfect remedy for sanitising the air. By naturally eliminating impurities from your environment, it supports your ability to breathe easily and freely.

Emotionally, these cleansing properties help encourage a sense of clarity. By helping to wash away the stress and strains of everyday life, our beautiful Pine oil with strengthen the mind and leave it ready to face new challenges.


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