Cymbopogon martini

Naturally balancing for the mind and body, our beautiful Palmarosa oil is loved by many. As a gentle, calming oil, it is ideal for reducing stress, regulating the mood and soothing skin problems.



Discover our Palmarosa essential oil

Steam distilled from the grass of the plant, our organic Palmarosa essential oil is balances both the mind and body.

Combining its natural antiseptic and hydrating properties, this soothing oil an ideal choice for organic skincare. When blended and used as part of your daily skin routine, it helps to replenish and purify the skin, leaving a naturally radiant complexion. It is also an excellent essential oil for combating skin problems and easing unwanted irritation.

As a wonderfully uplifting essential oil, Palmarosa oil helps to regulate the mood and often helps to balance out feels of stress and tension. These balancing qualities also make it an ideal remedy for reliving the emotional strains of the feminine cycle.

Combining these beautiful properties with it’s sweet, floral aroma, this Palmarosa the perfect for those looking for an essential oil that cares and protects the female body.


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