Orange Bitter

Citrus aurantium var. amara fruct

Uplift the mind and body with our zesty Orange Bitter oil. Whether it’s diffused or blended, this refreshing oil will aid digestion, encourage good circulation and wash away those winter blues.



Discover our Orange Bitter essential oil

Expressed from the peel of the fruit, this fresh and citrusy oil is loved by many.

As a naturally uplifting essential oil, Orange Bitter is the perfect choice for looking to fend away feelings of fatigue and low moods, particularly in the winter months. With a few small drops, you can refresh the mind and focus on more a positive energy to get you through the day.

These stimulating properties also work wonders on the body. When blended and gently rubbed into the skin, orange bitter oil can naturally encourage good circulation and aid digestive discomfort.

Combining its inspiriting and stimulating properties with its beautiful, zesty aroma, it is no surprise that Orange Bitter is a popular essential oil.


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