Comiphora myrrha

A deep and rich essential oil, Myrrh is naturally soothing, toning and highly rejuvenating for the skin. With a beautiful earthy aroma, it also helps to ease breathing difficulties and relax the mind.



Discover our Myrrh essential oil

As one of the most luxurious essential oils, Myrrh is deep and oil that is wonderful for both the mind and body.

With natural soothing properties, it helps to breathe new life into your skin. Whether used in your daily skincare routine or simply on occasion, this beautiful oil promotes skin rejuvenation, feeling your skin feeling naturally toned and renewed.

Beyond skincare, Myrrh can be blended and gentled rubbed into the body to soothe aches and pains. When inhaled, it can also naturally open the airways and ease breathing difficulties. With such calming properties, it is the perfect oil to use within an aromatherapy massage.


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