Citrus aurantifolia

Invigorate your mind and body with this zesty essential oil. Naturally energising, Lime oil is ideal for lifting a low mood and stimulating the mind. It also works wonders on the body, helping to naturally purify and tone a dull skin tone.



Discover our Lime essential oil

Expressed from the peel of the fruit, this refreshing and zesty essential oil is loved by many.

Naturally uplifting and cleansing, this gentle oil will help to rejuvenate the mind and provide a natural energy boost. From just a few drops, Lime oil can combat fatigue and help anyone to overcome a low mood. With such wonderful, energising properties, it is a popular oil to diffuse within the home or during a therapeutic massage.

With natural detoxifying properties, Lime oil also helps to get rid of body toxins and boost your circulation. With this, it helps to brighten and tone the skin, leaving you looking radiant and refreshed.


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