Cymbopogon citratus

With its strong citrus aroma, our zesty Lemongrass essential oil is ideal for soothing muscle pains, uplifting a low mood and acting as a natural insect repellent.



Discover our Lemongrass essential oil

Distilled from the natural grasses, this aromatic essential oil is refreshing and uplifting for both the mind and body. With its strong lemony aroma, it is an excellent natural insect repellent and has beautiful deodorising qualities. This beautiful aroma is loved by many and so, Lemongrass oil can often be a popular oil to diffuse within the home.

When blended and rubbed into the body, this cleansing oil can be an effective pain soother and is often used to calm sore muscles or joints.

Emotionally, Lemongrass is a wonderful oil for lifting a low mood and bringing a new sense of energy. With its highly refreshing aroma, it will leave you feeling relaxed, yet ready to face whatever lays ahead in the day.


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