Citrus limon

Fresh and zingy, this uplifting essential oil is invigorating for the mind and body. With natural antiseptic qualities, it’s ideal for cleansing, toning and brightening a dull or oily complexion. It’s also one of the best oils for energising a tired mind.



Discover our Lemon essential oil

Expressed from the peel of the fruit, our organic lemon oil is the perfect essential oil for uplifting and cleansing the mind and body.

With natural antiseptic and brightening qualities, this oil works wonders for the skin, specifically dry or oily skin. When blended and applied to the skin, lemon oil is a beautiful oil for naturally purifying and balancing a dull complexion. By incorporating this zesty oil into your daily routine, it will leave your skin feeling replenished and looking radiant.

Beyond skincare, the oil’s natural antiseptic qualities also make it the perfect organic and natural disinfectant for your home.

Emotionally, lemon oil is an energising and uplifting essential oil. With its fresh and fruity aroma is one of the best oils for lifting a low mood and bringing a newfound sense of energy. With a few drops, your mind will feel revived and refreshed, ready for a new day.


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