Lavandula intermedia

Naturally cleansing, this beautiful floral scented oil will leave both your mind and body feeling energised. Whilst often used to soothe aches or pains, this balancing oil is also wonderful for relieving sinus difficulties and cleansing the mind.



Discover our Lavandin essential oil

Distilled from the beautiful flowering tops of the plant, this aromatic oil is one of the best for cleansing and relaxing your body and mind.

Besides offering a natural remedy for soothing sore muscles, Lavandin oil is very balancing for the respiratory system. When diffused or blended into the skin, it will help to naturally open your airways and relieve any breathing discomfort. It is particularly good for naturally combatting sinus issues.

With a fresh, herby aroma, Lavandin is one of the most balancing essential oils. Often used in mediation or within an aromatherapy massage, this calming oil will help to relax your mind and let go of every day worries. With a couple of drops, your mind will be left feeling energised, balanced and ready to face a new day.


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