Hyssopus officinalis

The beautiful Hyssop oil as a special affinity with the respiratory system; helping to relive breathing issues and naturally open the airways. This makes it’s the perfect oil for easing hay fever symptoms and fighting colds. Emotionally, it will aid mental fatigue and aid concentration.



Discover our Hyssop essential oil

Steam distilled from delicate leaves and flower buds of the Hyssop plant, this sweet essential oil brings wonderful benefits for the body and mind.

With it’s purifying aroma, Hyssop oil is a beautiful oil for helping to relieve breathing difficulties. Whether diffused or inhaled, this aromatic oil opens the airways and naturally supports the respiratory system in both the winter and summer months.

Hyssop oil is also wonderful for soothing cuts and bruises on the skin. Its natural properties support skin repair and discomfort. This means the rejuvenating oil is also ideal for alleviating muscle or joint pain and calming digestive problems.

Emotionally, Hyssop oil is one of the best essential oils for fighting mental fatigue. With a few small drops, you can allow the mind to relax and find a new sense of energy. As an energising oil, it is also good for supporting the mind in concentrating; making it an ideal choice in times that require focus and a clear mind.

As one of the best oils for naturally supporting the easy breathing, our organic Helichrysum oil is a popular choice for many.


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