German Chamomile

Matricaria recutita

With a strong herby aroma, German Chamomile oil is extremely soothing on the mind and body. Traditionally used to treat inflammation, redness and muscle aches or pains, it also helps to ease an agitated mind.



Discover our German Chamomile essential oil

Steam distilled from the delicate German Chamomile flower, this intensely sweet and slightly fruit essential oil is loved by many. Renowned for its ability to naturally soothe the mind and body, German Chamomile is a beautiful oil to use in skincare and to diffuse.

When used within skincare, this calming oil is one of the best essential oils to soothe irritated, inflamed or sore skin. When used therapeutically, it works wonders for easing everyday aches and pains and helping the body to relax.

With the ability to help the mind unwind, it can also be one of the best oils for promoting a good’s night sleep. Whether diffused or inhaled, this aromatic oil will ease an anxious, agitated mind and allow the everyday worries to simply melt away.


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