Esta Aroma Diffuser

Handcrafted from beautiful bamboo, this sustainable aroma diffuser combines highly-skilled craftsmanship, style, state of the art ultrasonic technology and aromatherapy. Besides its sleek and simplistic design, the Esta helps create a relaxing atmosphere and compliments an array of interiors.



Discover Our Esta Aroma Diffuser

The Esta Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is the first of a series of stunning diffusers made using Bamboo which is naturally beautiful material and yet strong and supple enough to allow versatility in design. The bamboo we use is selected and cut by hand, which allows maturing and flowering strands to remain flourishing. This method has the least impact on wildlife, compared to hardwood logging, which would require the use of heavy machinery.

By bringing together the beauty of natural bamboo, highly skilled craftsmanship, stylish design, state of the art ultrasonic technology and Aromatherapy, the Esta Aroma Diffusers is soul soothing and will enhance any living space.


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