Mentha arvensis

With natural cooling properties, cornmint oil soothes aches and pains and helps to relieve head tension. What’s more, it is highly stimulating for the mind; leaving you feeling alert, revived and spiritually uplifted.



Discover our Cornmint essential oil

Steam distilled from the leaves of the cornmint plant, this fresh and minty oil has an array of wonderful therapeutic properties.

With the natural ability to cool the body, cornmint oil can be applied to soothe aches and pains created by both muscles and joints. This refreshing oil will also aid respiratory problems, provide antiseptic and antibacterial properties and promote healthy digestion.

Emotionally, this naturally stimulating and uplifting essential oil will always awaken the senses. So whether you need an energising lift or natural remedy for bringing focus and stimulation, cornmint oil is an ideal choice.


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