Elettaria cardamomum

Extracted from the fragrant seed pods of the Elettaria Caramomum plant, this calming yet spicy oil has many wonderful benefits. With the ability to calm and settle the stomach, cardamom oil is ideal for easing stomach cramps, indigestion and energising the mind.



Discover our Cardamom essential oil

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic therapies, this beautiful spice was chosen to aid the body in overcoming a virus and soothing digestive discomfort. In the practice of Aromatherapy, Cardamon oil can be used in the same ways and provide great benefits to both the mind and body. This settling oil can help to ease stomach cramps and indigestion by gently blending and rubbing into the stomach area.

Emotionally, this warm and aromatic essential oil can be used to energise a tired mind and uplift low emotions.


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