Black Spruce

Picea mariana

Highly energising and stimulating for the body and mind, our organic black spruce essential oil is ideal for naturally reducing respiratory issues, soothing aches or pains, and leaving the mind refreshed and ready for a new focus.



Black Spruce Essential Oil

Distilled from the delicate needles and branches of the beautiful black spruce tree, this organic essential oil carries powerful grounding qualities and will allow you to feel more connected with your breath and the earth.

Helping us to reflect on fond memories, this highly energising and stimulating oil allows us to open up to our higher selves and calm anxious minds. Whether steamed, inhaled or diffused, it is a great oil for promoting a sense of calm, focus and uplift.

On a physical level, black spruce is naturally filled with both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities and is therefore ideally used for many respiratory issues. It is also the perfect remedy for soothing sore muscles and pains in the body.


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