The Aromatherapy Company Organic Skincare

Organic Skincare

The Aromatherapy Company Skincare range is beneficial for the skin and mind in a multitude of ways.

Our products are packed full of organic essential oils that have been carefully selected to benefit various skin types.

Dermal application is one of the principal routes for absorption of essential oils to penetrate the skin where they exert local therapeutic effects.

The essential oils cross the intact stratum corneum in three ways:
1 Intercellular – via lipid domains
2 Intracellular – diffusion through the corneocyte
3 Shunt routes – via the hair follicles and sweat glands.

Once in the skin and body essential oil molecules have many natural effects on the skin e.g. cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to name but a few.

Aromatic preparations of greatest therapeutic value in skin care are usually mixtures of essential oils along with vegetable oils, hydrolats, beeswax, plant waxes and butters and aloe Vera and The Aromatherapy Company creams are packed full of these gifts from nature. They interact favourably with the skin, offering excellent protective and emollient properties, which leads to a reduction in transepideraml water loss which improves skin hydration and skin barrier integrity. The organic, cold pressed vegetable oils and butters have excellent anti-oxidant contents, natural vitamins and essential fatty acids. The vegetable oils that we have chosen are very high in oleic and linoleic acids which are known to permeate the skin effectively.

The Aromatherapy Company products do not contain any mineral oil as these do not contain any vitamins or fatty acids and cannot be absorbed by healthy intact skin and create a thin film on the surface blocking the pores and providing no nourishment to the skin!

Our natural skin toners are made from hydrolats which are the by-products of the steam distillation of organic plants. Unlike artificially fragranced floral waters they are not made artificially and they contain many elements and therapeutic values of the plants. They are extremely gentle and well tolerated by the skin.

Along with the therapeutic benefits for the skin The Aromatherapy Company skincare range offers we also must remember the beneficial effects the daily use of essential oils have on the mind, body and spirit and with daily use we can improve our general equilibrium and health.

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